Affiliation: OPAL
Duration: 1 days

Course Aim:

To enhance drivers’ knowledge / skills for driving safely, liquid tankers within the Sultanate of Oman .

Course Content:

The measurement principles covered are:

  • To understand the various types of tanks and tankers. 
  • To understand the principles and procedures for loading and unloading tankers. 
  • to understand the forces acting on a tanker that could lead to rollover 
  • To understand tanker requirements and the various hazardous materials that can be carried and their risk. 
  • To understand what the correct actions are to be taken in an emergency. 

Who Should Attend?

All operators and contractor personnel required to drive Tankers in the performance of their work .

Pre- Requisites 

  • Valid Royal Oman police License.
  • Minimum age 30.
  • 5 years heavy vehicle driving experience .
  • HSE Passport or HSE induction certificate or HSE Orientation.
  • Hazmat experience if required.


Underpinning knowledge Observation, Questions, Demonstration, Simulation, and Practical.