RTITB Counterbalance Forklift Truck Operator

Affiliation: RTITB
Duration: 4 days

Course Aim:

Counterbalance Forklift Trucks are found in a wide variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Logistics and Warehousing. They are used to pick up, transport and load materials quickly and efficiently.  The course teaches the operator all the skills and knowledge they need to be safe and productive on the job . 

Course Content:

  • Safe operating practices and procedures (driving and use of hydraulic controls) 
  • Pre-Use Inspection 
  • Hazard Awareness 
  • Forklift Stability 
  • Legal responsibilities 

Who Should Attend?

Whether they be brand new to Mechanical Handling Equipment, or be someone who has many years of experience, anyone who operates a Counterbalance Forklift Truck requires the correct knowledge and skills in order to operate these machines safely. They will acquire this during the RTITB training.


25 question, multiple format assessment paper 
Pre-Use Equipment Inspection Test 
Practical Test .