Electrical Authorisation & Permits

Duration: 2 days

Course Aim

To provide valuable skills and knowledge to control dangers associated with electrical systems. Furthermore, the course familiarises candidates with electrical equipment. In addition, the training covers areas of supervision to the designated competent persons.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the trainee will be able to:

  • Understand the levels of electrical Authorisation (CEP, AEP, CP, SAEP).
  • Understand the responsibilities and accountabilities of an authorised electrical person.
  • Demonstrate how to safely operate electrical equipment and systems.
  • Understand how to supervise electrical personnel.
  • Understand electrical procedures and processes and how to complete the relevant documentation.
  • Understand the requirements of local and international electrical regulations.
  • Understanding maintenance needs.
  • Demonstrate how to manage electrical contractors.

Course Content

  • Dangers and the hazards associated with low and high-voltage electrical systems.
  • The responsibilities of an authorised person.
  • Identify, control, and safely operate the equipment on designated electrical systems.
  • Have the knowledge to supervise and instruct competent persons in specific tasks.
  • Produce safety documentation to enable the safe operation of electrical equipment.
  • Understand the requirements of statutory regulations.
  • Routine and non-routine electrical maintenance tasks.
  • Assessing contractors working on the electrical system.

Who Should Attend?

Technicians, maintenance planners, and supervisors with operation and maintenance responsibilities in an industrial plant.


Electrical installations in an industrial setting