EAL Train The Trainer

Affiliation: EAL
Duration: 3 days

Course Aim:

The objective of this course is to prepare a professional trainer who has effective presentation and facilitation skills and the relevant sector competence knowledge. Participants will practice delivery through several rounds of short presentations and training sessions. Participants will learn how to use courses facilitation skills as a method of facilitating students learning. 

Course Content:

Element 1 – The principles and practices of Learning and Development, including planning and Training Needs Analysis

Element 2 – Facilitate learning and development in individuals and groups

Element 3 – Engage Learners and Groups in the Learning and Development process

Element 4 – Understand the principles and practices and practices of assessment

Element 5 – Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding

Who Should Attend?

Training staff, required to carry out HSE Training and/or assessment in the work-place, and those who coach others to learn and develop