Affiliation: MOHE
Duration: 5 days

Aim :

To introduce the trainees to the different types of compressors, operation and control of them

Objective :

By the end of the subject Learner will be able to:
1. Know and understand all the terms involved with compressor system
2. Understand the compressor system overview
3. Understand reciprocation compressor principals
4. Understand reciprocation compressor components
5. Understand reciprocation compressor capacity control
6. Understand centrifugal compressor operation
7. Understand centrifugal compressor components
8. Understand centrifugal compressor surge control
9. Describe and understand compressor start up and shutdown
10. Describe and understand compressor system safeguards

Methods used / Training Aids :

1. PowerPoint Presentation
3. Video
4. Whiteboard/Chalkboard