Competent Electrical Person (CEP)

Affiliation: Highfield
Duration: 5 days

Course Aim:

The purpose of this Award is to develop the candidate’s knowledge and competency in safely working with electrical systems. To understand and be able to identify the hazards associated with electricity and to apply control measures to reduce the risk to themselves and others.

Course Content:

  • Safety Precautions When Working with Electrical Systems (LV / HV)
  • Hazard and controls associated with working on and around electricity
  • Hazards of Power generation, transmission & distribution systems
  • Electrical tools and test equipment
  • Safe electrical isolation procedures and Lock-out Tag-out
  • Roles and responsibilities of a CEP
  • Managing electrical emergencies
  • Basics first aid for electrical accidents

Who Should Attend?

Electricians and Electrical Technicians