KG hosted a Seminar on “Carbon neutrality in energy-intensive sectors by 2050”

On March 19, 2023, Knowledge Grid hosted a seminar on “Carbon Neutrality in Energy-Intensive Sectors by 2050”. The event brought together experts from various sectors to explore sustainable solutions and strategies for a carbon-neutral future. The seminar was hosted in the presence of His Excellency Abdullah Al-Anzi, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, who was the guest of honour. Professor Michael Henry Solomon, Senior Advisor at Knowledge Grid and Department of Minerals Resources and Energy (DMRE – South Africa), engaged in an interactive session on Economic Diversification and Decarbonisation.


Michael Henry Solomon’s session on economic diversification and decarbonisation were insightful and informative. He emphasised the importance of economic diversification and how it can help countries transition to a low-carbon economy. Prof. Solomon also highlighted the need to invest in renewable energy sources and develop new technologies that can help reduce carbon emissions.

The event highlighted the need for collaboration between various sectors and the importance of finding sustainable solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

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