Safe Operation of Abrasive wheel cutting and Grinding Equipment

Affiliation: Highfield
Duration: 1 days

Course Aim:

The purpose of this Award is to develop the candidate’s knowledge of how to safely work with Abrasive wheel cutting and grinding tools. This course will provide them with the skills and competency needed to reduce the likelihood of incidents arising from the incorrect use of these tools.


Course Content:

  • Hazards of working with Abrasive Wheels
  • Types of abrasive wheel machines and their safe use
  • Selecting the correct cutting / Grinding wheel
  • Resin & vitrified bonded abrasive wheel
  • Correct use, setting, adjustment and inspection of guards and accessories
  • Pre-use machine safety checks
  • How to mount abrasive wheels on hand angle grinder, saws and bench grinders (just basic info for bench grinders)
  • Practical safe set up (no live cutting or grinding)

Who Should Attend?

Metal Fabricators, Mechanical Technicians, Welders etc.

Any worker who is required to regularly use abrasive wheel cutting and grinding tools