Safe Journey Management

Affiliation: PDO
Duration: 1 days

Course Aim:

To provide delegates with the knowledge of the Safe Journey Management system and its components, so they are able to effectively fulfill the role of a Safe Journey Manager. 

1. Describe the roles and responsibilities of all persons involved in the process.

2. Explain the correct emergency procedures.

3. Describe the components a of a journey plan. 

Course Objective :

  1. Describe the roles and responsibilities of all persons involved in the process.
  2. Explain the correct emergency procedures.
  3. Describe the components a of a journey plan

Who Should Attend?

Operator and Contractor first line supervisors and/or

managers responsible for the operational management of driving activities, and Contractor HSE Advisers


Pre- Requisites 

(DD01) defensive driving, light vehicles, blacktop Age 25 or over
Current, valid DD01 permit Current, valid ROP issued ID or residency card
(CMC) Coaching, Mentoring & Performance 2 x passport size photos
Supervisors – (SLS) Safety leadership for Supervisors Managers – (SLM) Safety Leadership for Managers
OPAL / PDO HSE Passport



  1. Definition of SJM 
  2. Responsibilities of: Authorizing person – Journey Manager – Driver
  3. Driver – Emergency Procedures: Incident or Crash – Breakdown – Overdue / Lost Man 
  4. Weather 
  5. Journey Plans 
  6. Convoy procedures 
  7. Vehicle checklist 
  8. Multi-destination journeys 
  9. Ejourney management