Safe Isolation & Removal Of Instrumentation

Affiliation: MOHE
Duration: 4 days

Aim :

To understand the basic principles of process, electrical and Instrument isolations and the correct procedures for preparing Instrument equipment for maintenance and safe breaking of containment.

Objective :

By the end of the subject the learner will be able to:
1. Locate and refer to ABZU Isolations Procedures.
2. Energy Isolation – Process. UNIF – HSE – PRO 107 C2.
3. Energy Isolation – Electrical. UNIF – HSE – PRO 106 C2.
4. Understand and can explain the basic principles of Process Isolations.
5. Understand, explain and demonstrate competency in Instrument Process and Electrical Isolations.
6. Understand and explain the correct procedures for preparing Instrument equipment for maintenance.
7. Understand, explain and can demonstrate the correct procedures for safe breaking of containment for all normal Instrument connections including : –
a. Bolted flanges.
b. Compression fittings. REFER TO SCOPE IN LESSON PLAN ID – 029

Methods used / Training Aids :

1- Quiz
2- Assessments
3- Assignments
4- Exams