RTITB Slinger Signaller Course

Affiliation: RTITB
Duration: 1 days

Course Aim:

To teach the safe use of Rigging and Slinging equipment, to ensure the safety of the Slinger Signaller, the safety of other persons nearby, the safety of the Crane, the safety of the load, safety of nearby property, and safety of the environment . 

Course Content:

  • Perform all pre-use inspection and safety checks.
  • Understand the safe lifting-capacity and methods of use, of various kinds of Slinging and Rigging equipment.
  • Understand and use correct Banksman communication.

Who Should Attend?

 Whether they be brand new, or be someone who has many years of experience, anyone who wants to become a Slinger/Signaler requires the correct knowledge and skills in order to work with Mechanical Handling and Lifting Equipment safely. They will acquire this during the RTITB training .


  • PPE (Coveralls and Safety Boots), or as required by client if training on client’s site 
  • Candidate must be physically fit to handle Slinging and Rigging equipment 
  • For practical training, Crane and Rigging and Slinging equipment to be supplied by client. 
  • Candidates who wish to take the refresher course, must hold an in-date certificate or qualification from the ABA (Accrediting Bodies Association). These are RTITB, NPORS, ITSSAR and AITT.
    Candidates whose qualifications are expired, or who do not hold an ABA qualification, must attend the Experienced course. 


Multiple format assessment paper 
Pre-Use Equipment Inspection Test 
Practical Test