Affiliation: RTITB
Duration: 2 days

Course Aim:

To teach the safe operation of an overhead crane,  to ensure the safety of the operator, the safety of other persons nearby, the safety of the crane, the safety of the suspended load, safety of nearby property, and safety of the environment. 

  1. Perform all pre-operating checks and safety checks.  
  2. Understand the safe lifting-capacity, travel, and horizontal limitations of an overhead crane, and situations leading to overload. 
  3.  Lift, bridge, trolley, and lower any load from/to any location with maximum safety 


Course Content:

  • Operating principles, operator controls, and mechanical daily checks. 
  • Reading the lifting capacity of the crane and calculating the weight of every load. 
  • Rigging and slinging principles; use and limitations all types of chains, wire ropes, slings, shackles, and accessories. 
  • Safety procedures for lifting, bridging, trolleying, and lowering any load from/to any location.
  • Understand and respond to communication from a Banksman. 
  • Understand and respond to all signals from a Banksman, with the ability to lift, bridge, trolley, and lower a load in blind situations. 

Who Should Attend?