Affiliation: PCL
Duration: days

Overview :

Not a course, nor a program. This is a 24-hour cross-fit i ntervention involving and causing a completely, dramatically different, and alternative way in approaching leadership in 2021. A systemic way of unpacking and making sense of the relation between disruption, economic fragility, governments, and the role of “business-school-moulded” business leadership. The intervention takes a critical look at how little a disruption like COVID-19 contributes to the current world of imbalances we experience, and how organisational leadership stands much more central to events unfolding globally. It is an intervention designed for Business Leaders who want to move beyond the equipped competencies of typical Leadership Development Program, challenging the current way of the world.The end of a conventional Leadership Development. This game is played by Practitioners who work in the field of Thought Leadership. Forget what you know. Transform and start all over. This Leadership Development Course is for you if you want to Disrupt Everything and Create Impact

Learning Outline

Topic 1: Understanding Quantum of Disruption
Topic 2: The Narrative Of Economic Fragility
Topic 3: The Dark Side of Value Created and Value Captured
Topic 4: Tolerance of Ambiguity
Topic 5: Government and Large Business – Two Peas in a Pod?
Topic 6: Technology – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothes?
Topic 7: The Leadership Revolution