Process Control Theory

Affiliation: MOHE
Duration: 10 days

Aim :

To explain, by an understanding of the fundamentals, the operating principles of Process Control Theory and Systems & Devices used in the AzBU

Objective :

By the end of the subject the learner will be able to:
1. Identify the CONTROL LOOP
2. locate and explain Process control loops on OTP and BP site P&IDs
3. Explain how different time lag occur in process control and their effect
4. Explain the operation closed /open loop control
5. Explain the operation of on-off and gap control
6. Explain the operational principles of:
a. Proportional Control
b. Proportional Plus Integral Control
c. Proportional Plus Derivative Control
d. -Proportional Plus Integral plus Derivative Control
e. Cascade Feed control
f. Ratio control
7. Using P&Ds symbols produce Pressure, Level, Flow and Temperature control loops
8. Perform proportional control settings calculations related to input- output and gain or proportional band values.
9. Explain how to perform tuning of a PID controller
10. Locate and explain control loops on OTP and BP drawings.
11. Implement practical exercises on Process Control Rigs in the lab simulating PID controller’s settings change.

Methods used / Training Aids :

1- Quiz
2- Assessments
3- Assignments
4- Exams