Permit to Work Auditors course (PTWA)

Affiliation: PDO
Duration: 2 days

Course Aim:


Course Content:

  • To demonstrate a thorough understanding of PDO PTW system through structured training and assessment modules for the role as PTW Auditor
  • To provide necessary knowledge to be able to demonstrate thorough understanding to a PDO PTW licensing panel for the role as PTW Auditor

Course Overview

The program designed to provide sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PTW audit system to delegates so they may function as an effective member of a PTW Audit team and by completion of the training delegates must understand the following;

  1. Auditing system definitions
  2. Auditing objectives
  3. Purpose of Level I and II Audits.
  4. Roles and responsibilities within the Audit team
  5. Audit organisation, conduct, corrective actions, reporting and archiving.
  6. PTW System Review: – Frequency, objectives, review mechanism.
  7. Interim amendments
  8. PTW system audit forms

Who Should Attend?

PDO and Contractor personnel who may fulfill a role within the Permit to Work Audit Team as the nominated Auditor.

Pre- Requisties