Microsoft Outlook

Affiliation: Microsoft
Duration: 1 days

Course Objective :

In this course, you will use Outlook to manage your email communications, including composing, reading, and responding to emails; schedule appointments and meetings; manage contact information; schedule tasks and create notes; customize message response options, and organize your mail.

You will:

· Navigate Outlook to read and respond to email.

· Use the Address Book, format and spell check new messages.

· Attach files and insert illustrations to messages.

· Customize read and response options.

· Use flags, categories, and folders to organize messages.

· Create and work with Contacts.

· Create appointments and schedule meetings in Calendar.

· Create and work with Tasks and Notes.

Target Audience :

This course is intended for people who have a basic understanding of Microsoft® Windows® and need to know how to use Outlook as an email client to manage their email communications, calendar appointments, contact information, and other communication tasks.

In addition to creating and sending email, this course will introduce you to organizing your mail, working with attachments, formatting message text, scheduling meetings, and responding to meeting invitations.

Pre – Requisites :

To ensure your success in this course you should have end-user skills with any current version of Windows, including being able to start and close applications, navigate basic file structures, and manage files and folders is recommended.

Course Outline :

Program Fundamentals

· Starting Outlook

· Understanding the Outlook Program Screen

· Understanding Items & the Message Window

· Giving Commands in Outlook

· Using Command Shortcuts

· Using the Navigation Bar & Reading Pane

· Using the To-Do Bar & Using Help

Composing and Sending Email

· Composing and Sending an Email Message

· Specifying Message Options

· Formatting Text

· Checking your Spelling

· Working with Hyperlinks

· Attaching a File to a Message

Receiving Email

· Receive, Read, Reply, Forward & Delete a Message

· Using the Inline Feature & Opening an Attachment

· Flagging a Message for Follow-up

· Using Color Categories

· View and Manage a Conversations

· Sorting Messages

· Changing Views

· Printing a Message

More Email Features

· Saving Unfinished Messages (Drafts)

· Recalling & Resending a Message

· Using the Out of Office Assistant

· Delaying Sending a Message

· Using Quick Steps

· Inserting a Signature

· Using Stationery and Themes

· Changing Message Format

· Dealing with Junk Email

· Add Address to the Safe & Blocked Senders List

· Changing Outlook’s Security Settings

· Inserting Screenshots

Working with Contacts

· Introduction to the Address Book

· Adding a Contact and from an Email

· Edit, Delete, View and Sort Contacts

· Mapping a Contact’s Address

· Working in a Contact Window

· Finding and Organizing Contacts

· Creating a Contact Group

· Printing the Contacts List

Using the Calendar

· View & Navigating the Calendar

· Scheduling Appointments & an Event

· Edit & Rescheduling Appointments and Events

· Working with Recurring Appointments

· Setting Availability

· Color-coding Appointments

· Setting Reminders

· Viewing Calendar Items

· Changing the Appearance of a Calendar

· Changing Work Days and Times

· Printing the Calendar

Collaborating with Other Users

· Using Schedule View

· Responding to a Meeting Request

· Taking and Tracking a Vote

Organizing and Finding Information

· Create, Use and Manage Folders

· Using Instant Search & Refining a Search

· Using Advanced Find

· Sorting and Grouping Information

· Filtering Information

· Using the People Pane

Managing Outlook Data

· Using Mailbox Cleanup

· Using AutoArchive

· Working with Personal Folders Files