Lock-Out Tag-Out (LOTO)

Duration: 1 days

Course Aim:

Highlight in-depth the Lock-Out, Tag-Out (LOTO) program and educate participants on how to properly secure it.

Course Objectives:

  • Ensure all equipment have be maintained, repaired, serviced, or upgraded.
  • To maintain the equipment in a safe condition
  • To understand the principle of de-energizing the equipment
  • To be aware of how to identify locked-out equipment with a ta

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Identify the energy sources, equipment, and conditions that require LOTO procedures
  • Identify energy sources and equipment
  • Identify common failures of LOTO
  • List the key errors to avoid when using the LOTO procedure
  • State the correct isolation methods to safely work on systems
  • Equipment that requires isolation
  • Roles and responsibilities of LOTO
  • State the correct methods for returning equipment operation
  • LOTO removal procedure
  • Restore the work area

Who Should Attend?

Maintenance and servicing personnel in or around energy sources.