Light Bus

Affiliation: OPAL
Duration: 2 days

Course Aim:

To enhance driver’s knowledge and skills for driving safely light bus in all conditions for the safety, care and comfort of passengers within the Sultanate of Oman .

Course Content:

  • To understand the definition of light Bus types.  
  • To understand how to conduct Light Bus pre-trip safety checks.  
  • To understand what can distract Light Bus driver.  
  • To understand the Technical aspects of Light Buses.  
  • To understand what is required for passenger safety and comfort.  
  • To understand the importance and the requirements of seat belt wearing on Light Buses.  
  • To understand the characteristics of vehicle handling.  
  • To understand the correct manner to reverse Light Bus.  
  • To understand what the correct actions are to be taken in an emergency.  
  • To understand how loads must be loaded and secured on Light Buses.


Who Should Attend?

All operators and contractor personnel required to drive Heavy vehicles in the performance of their work. 

Pre- Requisites 

  • Valid Royal Oman police License
  • Minimum age 28 
  • 8 years light vehicle driving experience 
  • HSE Passport or HSE induction certificate or HSE Orientation.


Underpinning knowledge Observation, Questions, Demonstration, Simulation, Practical