Introduction to Mining

Affiliation: PRISMA
Duration: 5 days

Course Aim:

This course is for current employees and new entrants in the mining and minerals sector by giving them an overview of the main processes in the mining industry.

Course Objectives:

After completion of the course, the delegate will have an understanding of:

  • Explain the requirement of the relevant aspects of the Mine Health and Safety Act.
  • Demonstrate understanding of emergency procedures.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of strata control.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of applicable ISO standards.

Course Content:

  • Employer to ensure safety.
  • Chief Executive Officer charged with certain Functions.
  • The employer must appoint a manager.
  • Employer to maintain a healthy and safe mine environment.
  • Codes of practice.
  • Employer to assess and respond to risk.
  • Explain different types of emergencies that may be encountered in a workplace.
  • Explain various responses to an alarm.
  • Explain actions required of a safety officer in an assembly area.
  • Explain the function of an emergency control centre.
  • Explanation of restricted and confined areas, travelling ways and escape routes.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of strata control.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of rock mechanics terminology.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the physical mining environment.

Target Audience:

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in mining.