Microsoft Power BI

Affiliation: IC3
Duration: 2 days

Course Objective :

The IC3 Spark course covers subjects needed to complete basic computer tasks, understand what the Internet is and how to use it safely, and build basic skills to create reports using common application programs. Objectives include learning how to:

  • Start a computer and access the operating system.
  • Identify different ways files or folders display and explore how to manipulate them.
  • Recognize different types of computers available, and learn basic hardware terminology.
  • Customize your computer using the Control Panel in Windows.
  • Identify software and how most common application programs are used.
  • Browse the Internet and perform basic online tasks.
  • Understand how web sites are organized and identify common web page elements.
  • Recognize different communication methods and means of sharing information.
  • Practice good digital citizenship and online safety.
  • Recognize common features shared among the applications in Microsoft Office and explore basic techniques for working in an office application.
  • Use the basic skills required to create simple documents with a word processing program, including letters and reports.
  • Use the basic skills required to work in a spreadsheet application, including how to enter and format text, navigate and manage worksheets, create charts and set printing options.
  • Use the basic skills required for working with an application designed to create and edit slides that include text, images, charts, tables, or multimedia.

Target Audience :

Anyone who want to learn, who want to start using computer.

Pre – Requiesties :

This course presents essential skills and topics. It is intended for those who have not used a computer previously, or who have minimal experience. Some familiarity with using a mouse and keyboard can be helpful.

Course Outline :

Operating Systems Basics

  • What is an Operating System?
  • Common Operating System Features
  • Looking at the Windows Desktop
  • Using the Control Panel
  • Customizing the Desktop Display

Managing Files and Folders

  • Looking at a Typical Window
  • Understanding Files and Folders
  • Working with Files and Folders
  • Selecting Files or Folders
  • Looking at the Recycle Bin

Computer Hardware and Concepts

  • Identifying Computers
  • Looking Inside a Computer
  • Recognizing Input / Output Devices
  • Proper Hardware Care

Computer Software and Concepts

  • What is Software?
  • What is an Application Program?
  • Entertainment Programs

Surfing the World Wide Web

  • What Is the Internet?
  • Finding Computers on the Internet
  • The World Wide Web
  • Meet the Browser!
  • Browser Navigation Tools
  • Standard Web Page Features
  • Site Home Page
  • Navigation Bar

Digital Communication

  • How Can I Communicate with Others?
  • Real-Time Communications
  • Instant Messages (IM)
  • Other Real-Time Technologies
  • Delayed Communication
  • Using an Email Program
  • Working with Attachments

Online Research and Citizenship

  • Finding Information
  • Other Places to Find Online Information
  • Evaluating the Information
  • Practicing Good Online Citizenship

Common Features

  • Getting Started
  • Common Features
  • Managing Files
  • Working with Document Text
  • Using Proofing Tools
  • Inserting Multimedia
  • Print Options

Word Processing Activities

  • Entering and Editing Text
  • Managing Files
  • Quick Review – Basic Editing Techniques
  • Formatting Text
  • Quick Review – Proofing Tools
  • Changing the Page Setup
  • Previewing and Printing the Document
  • Using Tables

Spreadsheet Activities

  • Understanding Basic Terminology
  • Managing Workbooks
  • Working with Worksheet Data
  • Working with the Layout
  • Working with Charts
  • Printing the Worksheet

Presentation Activities

  • What Does a Presentation Include?
  • Managing Presentations
  • Views and Navigation
  • Managing Slides
  • Working with Slide Objects
  • Animating Objects
  • Viewing a Slide Show
  • Viewing Print Options