HAZOP and HAZOP Leader

Duration: 3 days

Course Aim

This training course covers the fundamentals of Hazard and Operability Study or HAZOP. You will learn about HAZOP as it is intended by IEC 61882, including best industry practices. This course combines theory with practical work. You will then explore best practices in HAZOP leadership and management. You will learn about applying the technique and how to effectively plan and manage study programmes. You will also learn how to lead study teams to ensure maximum effectiveness and successful project execution.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the trainee will be able to:

  • Prepare for a HAZOP study meeting and programme – including defining the scope of the study and choosing the team
  • Choose nodes (parts of the drawings or operation for the HAZOP study)
  • Estimate the programme requirements for the successful completion of a study
  • Use facilitation techniques to motivate the team and keep them on task
  • Avoid common problems encountered during study meetings, including challenging behaviours
  • Formulate the HAZOP study report
  • Understand the team leader’s role in the implementation of recommendations and the management of the process.

Course Content

  • Planning a HAZOP programme
  • Node identification and time estimation
  • Preparation of the event
  • Recording style, skills and development of recommendations HAZOP meeting facilitation
  • Team dynamics
  • Leadership through the study
  • Development of the final report and action management

Who Should Attend?

Professionals involved in designing, selecting, specifying, installing, testing, operating and maintaining safety systems for process control.