Electrical Safety Rules (DCRP)

Affiliation: DCRP
Duration: 2 days

Course Aim

This course addresses the Oman regulatory requirements for installing and working on an electrical system. This course is a prerequisite requirement from the DCRP for all electrical staff undertaking work on electrical systems in Oman.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the trainee will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of the Electrical Safety Rules and local regulations.
  • Understand the general principles of electrical installation, protection circuits, and equipment.
  • Select the correct electrical equipment for a range of different installation requirements.
  • Understand service connections including low and high-power requirements, load balancing, distribution boards, and segregation of phases.
  • Understand the principles of conductor and cable selection for a range of different services.
  • Describe the requirements for conduit and cable trunking and cable trays used in cable installations.
  • Understand the requirements and importance of earthing and earth leakage protection.
  • Understand the correct installation of electrical accessories and apparatus in a range of different applications.
  • Understand the requirements of electrical temporary equipment used on construction sites.
  • Understand the requirements of electrical installations in agricultural and horticultural environments.
  • Understand the requirements for installations in special locations such as wet areas, mobile locations, and solar PV systems.
  • Understand how to perform testing and inspection of electrical installation to the required standards, including completing periodic and completion reports

Course Content

  • Fundamental principles & General requirements.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Service connection and consumer installations.
  • Installation of conductors and cables.
  • Installation of conduits, trunking, and trays.
  • Earthling and earth leakage protection.
  • Installation of accessories and apparatus.
  • Installations on construction and building sites.
  • Agricultural and horticultural installations.
  • Special installations or locations.
  • Testing and inspections

Who Should Attend?

Electrical technicians, maintenance planners, and supervisors with operation and maintenance responsibilities in an industrial plant.


Electrical installations in an industrial setting.