Electrical Authorization and permits

Affiliation: Highfield
Duration: 2 days

Course Aim:

This course is an introduction to electrical safety in the workplace. The learner is provided with a basic overview of electrical hazards and safety issues commonly encountered in workplaces including construction, manufacturing, utilities, retail, agricultural and office environments. The course describes the basics of electricity and how to recognize electrical hazards and covers different types of preventive devices such as fuses and circuit breakers. It is intended for managers, supervisors and workers who are not formally qualified to work with electrical equipment and energized parts. The course does not cover lockout, nor is it intended for workers who work directly with electrical equipment or installations who must have specific training and qualifications. The curse will cover:


Course Content:

  • Dangers and the hazards associated with low and High voltage electrical systems
  • The responsibilities of an authorized person
  • Identify, control and safely operate the equipment on designated electrical systems
  • Have the knowledge to supervise and instruct competent persons in specific tasks
  • Produce safety documentation to enable the safe operation on electrical equipment
  • Understand the requirements of statutory regulations
  • Routine and non-routine electrical maintenance tasks

Who Should Attend?

Electricians and Electrical Technicians