Competent Electrical Person (CEP)

Affiliation: Highfield
Duration: 5 days

Course Aim:

Competent electrical person (CEP) training is to ensure that individuals possess the necessary competency and expertise to work safely and effectively with electrical systems and equipment. By providing comprehensive instruction on electrical safety, principles, installation, maintenance, isolation, de-isolation and compliance with regulations, CEP training helps minimize electrical hazards, reduce the risk of accidents, and promote a safer working environment.

Course Objective :

At the end of the course, the trainee will be able to:

  • Understand Electrical safety rules
  • Understand electrical principles and systems
  • Understand electrical installation and maintenance
  • Understand the isolation and de-isolation plans for LV .MV and HV
  • Understand the LOTO process and procedures
  • Understand the different types of Permit to Work and isolation permits
  • Understand the electrical authorities and responsibilities.

Course Content:

  • Electrical safety rules
  • Electrical responsibilities and authorization.
  • Switching plan (program)
  • Competency Requirements for electrical staff
  • Certificates of electrical competency
  • Electrical risk assessment
  • Practical activities

Who Should Attend?

Electrical Technicians, Engineers and supervisors with operation and maintenance responsibilities in electrical department



Practical Exam