CISRS (OSTS) Scaffolder (Level One) Tube & Fitting or System Scaffolding

Affiliation: RTITB
Duration: 5 days

Course Aim:

To give the attendees such knowledge and skills to enable them to erect, alter and dismantle basic scaffolding structures in traditional tube and fitting and common system scaffolds. Level 1 Scaffolders should only carry out the erection and dismantling of scaffold structures covered within course. They are competent to work as part of a team, but must not lead operations if the work is outside the scope of the training, adequate direct supervision is required at all times. 


Course Content:


  • General Health and Safety Awareness 
  • International Best Practice 
  • International Performance Standards 
  • Local Legal Requirements 
  • Components/Materials recognition 
  • Manual Handling (SG6) 
  • Fall Prevention (SG4) 
  • Foundations/Integrity and stability (Bracing & Ties etc) 
  • Access & Egress 


  • Static and Mobile Tower (2 Lifts including foot tie – Two static and one mobile for demo) 
  • Independent with Return (2 Lifts including foot tie) 
  • Nine Standard Birdcage Scaffold (2 lifts including foot tie) 
  • Practical/Theory Test 

Note : Translator required if instructor cannot speak the language. Six Months site experience is required before the learner can proceed to L2 training.

Learners to attend training with Safety Harness & Lanyard, boots, hardhat, level, tape, spanners/hammer  


Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at trainee Scaffolders who require basic scaffolding skills training carried out at an approved centre or on client’s sites.