Bolt Torqueing, Tensioning and Flanged Joint Management

Affiliation: Highfield
Duration: -2 days

Course Aim:

This Award is suitable for anyone who is required to regularly work flanged joints and is responsible for managing the joint integrity during maintenance activities.

The purpose of this Award is to develop the candidate’s knowledge and competency all aspects of joint integrity including torqueing bolds, tensioning bolts, gasket selection and making and breaking flanged joints.


Course Content:

  • Safety aspects of working with flanged joints
  • Record keeping and tagging (Flange Management)
  • Flange Standards and Specifications
  • Flange alignment
  • Flange surfaces and preparation
  • Flange types
  • Gaskets
  • Breaking flanged joints
  • Making up flanged joints
  • Bolt torqueing
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Inspecting flanged joints

Who Should Attend?

Mechanical Fitters and Technicians

Any worker who has to break and make flanged joints.