Applied Compressed Gases Safety (Cylinders)

Affiliation: Highfield
Duration: 1 days

Course Aim:

This unit enables learners to apply the knowledge gained for the safe operation and use of compressed gases in the workplace. It ensures learners will understand the hazards and properties of compressed gases in use and demonstrate the differences between safe and unsafe behaviors and practices. They will develop and demonstrate practical workplace skills in the safe operation, storage, transport and movement of compressed gases cylinders. They will be able to use cylinder gases equipment knowledgeably, safely and in compliance with current legislation and Codes of Practice.


Course Content:

  • Know the sources of gas safety information and legislation
  • Know the hazards and properties of common compressed gases
  • Be able to perform ‘assembly, before use and after use checks’ associated with
  • compressed gases in accordance with current BCGA Codes of Practice
  • Know the differences between safe and unsafe behaviours and practices
  • Know the correct procedures and layout for the safe operation of a compressed gas
  • store
  • Know the correct procedures for the safe operation of a manifold system
  • Know the correct methods and procedures for the transport of compressed cylinder

Who Should Attend?

Welders, fabricators, Mechanic, Mechanical Technicians.