H2S Awareness & Escape


Eight (8) hours


The training designed to provide individuals with awareness of the H2S hazard and an understanding of how to protect themselves and their colleagues against exposure.

By completion of the course delegates must understand the following;

  1. Hazards, characteristics & properties of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and sulphur dioxide (SO2).
  2. Symptoms of H2S and SO2 exposure.
  3. Sources of H2S & SO2.
  4. Access control requirements for PDO facilities classified as Low Risk Sour, High Risk Sour or Critical High Risk Sour, including selection of PPE for working area (personal gas monitor, filter hoods, escape sets, etc), Emergency Planning Zones and confined space entry procedures.
  5. Emergency response procedures for PDO facilities classified as High Risk Sour or Critical High Risk Sour.
  6. Wind direction awareness and routes of egress.
  7. Demonstrated checks, use & care of RPE for working in an H2S & SO2 atmosphere.
  8. Correct use of H2S & SO2 detection methods at the workplace.
  9. Proper response to warning signals for H2S & SO2 detection systems used at the workplace.
  10. Rescue techniques and 1st Aid to victims of H2S and SO2 exposure.

The training provided in Arabic, English or Hindi language


All PDO and Contractor personnel who may need to enter PDO facilities (including well sites) classified as Low Risk or High Risk Sour as part of their work.


  1. Provide awareness of H2S and SO2 hazards and effects.
  2. Provide awareness of safe systems of work specific to Sour facilities.
  3. Provide knowledge of PPE required for Sour facilities.


PDO Petroleum Development Oman