CISRS (OSTS) Scaffolding Supervisor


3 days


To give the attendees such knowledge and skills to enable them to inspect basic access, working and special scaffolds and complete safety inspection reports.


This course is aimed at those who are required to carry out safety inspections for basic access, working and special scaffolds.


The course will give trainees an understanding of:


  • Introduction to Scaffolding & Scaffolding Terminology
  • International Standards (British, European, US & Local)
  • International Best Practice & Industry Standards (NASC)
  • TG20:13 Demonstration
  • Overview of Fall prevention in Scaffolding
  • Tube, fittings & boards
  • Safe access and egress
  • Scaffolders training and working methods
  • Bracing and tying scaffolds
  • Mobile, static and loading towers
  • Birdcage scaffolds
  • Beams and bridging beams
  • Public protection
  • Various types of system scaffolding
  • How to carry out a scaffolding inspection
  • Scaffold Inspection Reports & Scaffold Tagging Systems
  • Practical Scaffold Inspection Exercises
  • Knowledge Test and Assessment


Certification:  Successful delegates will receive a CISRS Overseas Basic Scaffold Inspector Certificate of Training and Record Card.


Notes:             The Scaffold Inspection qualification requires renewal within every five years.

Trainees will require suitable PPE to undertake practical scaffold inspection.

A maximum of 12 learners per course is permitted.

Translator required if instructor cannot speak the language.