Affiliation: NEBOSH
Duration: 10 days

Course Aim:

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) covers the principles relating to health and safety, identification and control of workplace hazards and the practical application of this knowledge.  The IGC syllabus takes a risk management approach based on best practice and international standards, such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO) codes of practice.  Local laws and cultural factors may form part of the study programme where relevant and appropriate. 
The qualification also features a practical workplace assessment. 

Course Content:

  • Management of international health and safety (IGC1) 
  • Control of international workplace hazards (GC2) 
  • International health and safety practical application (GC3) 

Who Should Attend?

Managers. Supervisors and employees, in order that they have a sound understanding of the principles of risk management.  Additionally, it is also suitable for those embarking on a career in health and safety, providing a sound basis for progression to NEBOSH International Diploma. 

Pre- Requisites 

  • (ORT) HSE Orientation 
  • HSELFS – HSE Leadership for Supervisors 


Units IGC1 and IGC2 are each assessed by one two-hour written examination. Each written examination consists of ten ‘short-answer’ questions and one ‘long-answer’ question. All questions are entry. Candidate scripts are marked by external examiners appointed by NEBOSH.  

Minimum pass rate is 45%. Unit IGC3 is assessed by one two-hour practical examination. This is held on a date set by the course provider and must be taken within 14 days of a written examination. The practical examination is internally assessed by the course provider and externally moderated by NEBOSH.