(TPB) Tripod Beta Practitioner


Twenty four (24) taught hours


The program designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and understanding of incident analysis, human behaviour, the Tripod Beta approach and software so that they can, as Tripod Beta practitioners, establish underlying causes of incidents and accidents and the systemic failures that need to be addressed to avoid recurrence

By completion of the training the delegates must understand the following;

  1. HSE Management Systems and elements within them
  2. Risk Identification and Management
  3. Continuous improvement loop
  4. Incident investigation teams – planning, preparation and implementation
  5. First stage evidence gathering and review.
  6. Refining evidence gathering
  7. Interview technique and recording evidence
  8. Using the Tripod Beta software to enhance the investigation process
  9. Using the Tripod Beta software to enhance the analytical process
  10. Tripod Beta Analysis trees
  11. Tripod Beta reports


PDO/Contractor supervisory/management staff  called to be a member of an incident or accident investigation team as a TBP Practitioner.


Promote a deeper understanding in delegates of human behaviour and the need to identify underlying causes at management system level so that Tripod Beta software can be used by them as an effective tool to assist in the investigation of incidents and accidents.


PDO Petroleum Development Oman