(SLE) Safety Leadership for Executives


Eight (8) hours


The program designed to create self-awareness in Executive Safety Leaders that promotes sustained visible and felt safety leadership and an organisational environment that will positively drive forward an improved safety culture.

By completion of the program delegates must be aware of;

  1. To provide workgroup activities that lead to self-realisation that executives are fully accountable for their organisation’s safety performance by how they are seen by others, and by what they do.
  2. Provide workgroup activities that require active listening, effective communication and positive safety leadership to achieve key learning that influences values, attitudes and behaviours.
  3. Provide a self-reflection and personal action planning opportunity in relation to safety leadership, that includes specific goals and time scales, accountability agents, and the monitoring, measuring and review mechanisms to be used to measure its success.


PDO and Contractor Executives and deputies having full executive authority.


  1. The need for alignment – A Shared vision and case for change
  2. Safety as a value
  3. Responsibility and accountability for safety
  4. Profile of a good safety leader; the See-Hear-Feel-Do and Active listening models.
  5. ‘Unwritten rules’ – the ‘Say-Do Gap’.
  6. Zero is possible
  7. Goal Zero’s challenges to the contracting community
  8. Fitness to work and fatigue.
  9. ABC of Behavioural Safety
  10. Personal learning & commitment


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