(SCBA) Self-contained Breathing Apparatus & Confined Space Rescue course




The course designed to provide delegates with basic knowledge and understanding of SABA and SCBA, confined space entry hazards, controls and responsibilities, and the basic skills required to safely prepare and use a SCBA, in toxic, other irrespirable atmospheres, confined spaces and for emergency rescue purposes, solo or as a team member.

By completion of the course the delegates must understand the following;

  1. Types, functions and limitations of Respiratory Protection Equipment using compressed air. (SABA, SCBA, Escape sets)
  2. Negative pressure & Positive pressure facemasks and cowls – what they can do and what they cannot.
  3. Draeger ‘PA94 Plus’ SCBA backplate and harness, pressure reducer, demand valve, gauge and whistle, Panorama Nova facemask, cylinder types.
  4. Camlock ‘Fastmask’ and ‘Fastcowl’
  5. Pre-use tests, Donning & start-up tests, ‘Doffing’ SCBA, after-use disassembling, cleaning/maintaining SCBA for further use, test records.
  6. The PDO ‘Buddy’ system
  7. Confined spaces – types, hazards, activities, entry controls and procedures.
  8. Procedures for emergencies and rescues, confined space entry team members roles and responsibilities
  9. Rescue equipment, considerations, devising a rescue plan, solo and team rescue techniques.


PDO & Contractor staff who are required to use SCBA for gas testing or other operational activities, or in operational emergencies.


  1. Be able to use, test and maintain SCBA for routine and non-routine activities.
  2. Identify the differences between SABA and SCBA.
  3. Recognise and identify confined space hazards, controls, key personnel and their responsibilities.
  4. Use SCBA under a variety of different circumstances, including devising and carrying out rescue plans.


PDO Petroleum Development Oman