(HII) HSE Incident Investigation course


Sixteen (16) hours


The training designed to provide an awareness of Asset Integrity – Process Safety (AI-PS) in PDO and by completion of the program the delegates must be aware and understand the following;

  1. AI-PS definitions. Asset Integrity – Process Safety (AI-PS) definitions including Technical Integrity, Design Integrity and Operating Integrity.
  2. Process safety incidents. Examples of process safety incidents in industry and in PDO.
  3. Definition and classification of Process Safety Events. The link between process safety incidents and Process Safety Basic Requirements.
  4. The barrier concept. The barrier concept and Bow-Ties.  The barrier concept and Safety Critical Elements (SCEs).  How the barrier concept, Bow-Ties and Manual of Permitted Operations (MOPO) can be used in operational risk assessments.
  5. Process safety management system. AI-PS framework (CCPS Risk-Based Process Safety).  The four pillars of process safety, i.e. process safety commitment, understand hazards & risk, manage risk, and learn from experience.  The twenty process safety elements.
  6. Process safety assurance. AI-PS assurance including knowledge and understanding of level 2 and 3 assurance activities and supporting materials.
  7. Roles and responsibilities for process safety. HSE Case Owners & Custodians and HSE Critical Positions described in Operations HSE Cases.  Accountabilities of project managers.  The role of a Technical Authority.  The role of the AI-PS Asset Leadership Team (AIPSALT) and Element Champions in AI-PS assurance.
  8. Role model AI-PS behaviours. PDO golden rules and Life Saving Rules.  Safety leadership.
  9. Understanding the relation between DCAF/PCAP assurance framework and Asset Integrity-Process safety.


PDO HSE Team Leads and Contractor HSE Advisers

PDO Contract Owners, Contract Holders and Contractor Managers & Supervisors, who may be required as part of their role to lead incident investigations.


  1. Provide an awareness of the aim of process safety management.
  2. Provide an introduction to AI-PS terminology including the barrier concept, Process Safety Events, and the AI-PS framework.
  3. Provide an awareness of AI-PS asset level assurance.
  4. Set expectations for AI-PS accountabilities and responsibilities, and model AI-PS behaviours.


PDO Petroleum Development Oman