(ORTNS) HSE Orientation for Non Supervisory Staff


Sixteen (16) hours


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The PDO HSE Orientation is designed to Provide new staff with basic awareness knowledge and understanding of work within the Oil and Gas industry related to health, safety, environment and sustainable development issues and on successful completion provide attendees with a PDO Approved  HSE passport.

The program is designed to engage their minds, teach the PDO HSE philosophy, teach them the major hazards they will face and the key controls they should follow and how to keep safe out there.

The course used a reflective learning style of engagement, discussion and debate and drawing on the experiences of the whole class, in effect teaching themselves.  There are practical quizzes etc spaced evenly through the course to keep people attention.  Remember to ask the formative questions throughout or at the end of each section so that you can keep people on their toes and attentive.

The training contains a practical part for the right usage of fire extinguisher and the types of fire extinguisher, classification of flammable materials…etc

By the completion of the course the delegates must be aware of the following;

  1. To introduce the new workers into the Oil and Gas HSE mindset, particularly in construction
  2. Explore the ways in which people will be injured
  3. Explain the basics of keeping safe
  4. Explain the basics of tackling a fire
  5. Explain the importance of the Golden Rules and Life Saving Rules.
  6. Explain how to report and accident and how to summon emergency services.


Newly hired, seconded or transferred staff into PDO & newly hired contractor personnel who are not in supervisory or management positions

Note a supervisor or manager can attend this course if there are insufficient attendees for an ORTS course, but he/she must state they are a supervisor when booking.


  1. PDO Golden Rules, Life Saving Rules and consequence matrix.
  2. Identification of most common hazards in the Industry (must include the main hazards) using photographs, video and/or site visits to facilitate delegate activities.
  3. How to report an accident and call Emergency Services (internal and external)
  4. Health, Medical, 1st Aid and other site facilities.


PDO Petroleum Development Oman