(HRA) Health Risk Awareness


Twelve (12) hours


The training is designed to enable attendees to identify health hazards, assess the risk and implement controls whilst conducting and preparing Job Type HRA’s as well as by completion of the program the candidates will be aware and understand the following;

  1. The five key health hazard categories with examples
  2. Use of Risk Matrix and Control Matrix and their function during assessment of the risk
  3. Occupational Exposure Limits e.g. Chemical, radiation, noise, heat, manual handling etc
  4. Health Surveillance and Fitness to work requirements
  5. Hierarchy of Controls
  6. Practical assessment of job type in the field
  7. Exposure monitoring requirements and field assessments
  8. Completion of Job Type HRA template and remedial action plan
  9. Remedial action plan
  10. Legislative requirements in Oman


Industrial Hygienists, HSE Advisors, PTW Signatories, Permit Applicants


  1. Prepare delegates to identify health hazards i.e. chemical, physical, biological, ergonomic and psycho-social.
  2. Confirm delegates’ ability to conduct health risk assessments, health surveillance measuring and monitoring, and to recommend appropriate controls.
  3. Prepare delegates to use the Job Type HRA template to demonstrate hazards are controlled to ALARP


PDO Petroleum Development Oman