(AGT) Authorised Gas Tester course


Sixteen (16) hours


The course is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge, understanding and skills to act as authorised gas testers and is to cover the following;

  1. Narcotic effects of hydrocarbons.
  2. Testing in confined spaces, covering confined space criteria
  3. Testing for hot work, covering hot work criteria; the type of production operation being tested for flammable and toxic gases; the principles of hot work gas testing as applied to the work area; the hazards and properties of flammable gases; carrying out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment before testing Activities; using safe systems of work including PTW procedures; and using observers to raise the alarm and initiate emergency response.
  4. 4. Use of atmosphere / gas measuring and monitoring equipment, covering how to access and interpret the relevant operational instructions; the operating principles of atmosphere monitoring and measuring equipment and frequently observed failure modes; the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of atmospheric flammable and toxic gas detection equipment
  5. Gas testing in confined spaces, covering the hazards and properties of flammable and toxic gases including oxygen deficiency and enrichment, nitrogen and specialist materials appropriate to the location; the behaviour of different gases after the initial entry; where to site ongoing monitoring equipment for vessel entry.
6. Gas testing for hot work, covering the different types of detectors used for the flammable product; how to set up the relevant detector for each gas testing application and confirm its correct functioning;
  1. 7. Interpreting and documenting the results of a gas test, covering how to interpret the results, to include both normal and abnormal; how to document the results and advise relevant personnel.


PDO & contractor personnel designated as Authorised Gas Testers


  1. 1. Provide awareness of when and why gas testing is required, i.e. for confined spaces and for hot work.
  2. Provide knowledge on use of gas testing equipment.
  3. Provide knowledge of how to conduct, interpret and document gas testing in confined spaces and for hot work.


PDO Petroleum Development Oman